Northallerton, UK

Rounton Coffee Roasters

At Rounton Coffee Roasters we understand that working with quality focused suppliers is paramount to running a successful business, that’s why we pride ourselves on being able to source and provide only the highest quality speciality coffees that are freshly roasted in small batches, using specialised software that creates consistent flavour profiles every time. 


How did Rounton Coffee Roasters get started?

Dave #1
Dave Beattie – aka Beats

The founder and driving force behind Rounton Coffee Roasters started out his illustrious career as an engineer in chemical processing, David worked his way up the industry ladder and by the age of 30 was running a large industrial gasses site on Teesside. This all changed when he decided to leave the corporate world behind to travel the world on a train. After travelling through Europe, Russia and Mongolia he worked his way south towards Sumatra where David’s senses were set alight and his life shifted in a completely new direction. David’s experiences working alongside passionate Sumatran coffee farmers and hearing their tales and tribulations around direct trade, processing and quality ignited a fire inside him that is still burning today. Rounton Coffee Roasters was born on his return and four years on David’s focus is to tell the farmer’s story and he is fully committed to making sure that the transparency and traceability of the coffee supply chain is at the heart of what we do. He Proper Loves Parmos!

Dave #2
David Burton – aka Roasty Burts

Head roaster, green bean buyer, and fixer of things at Rounton Coffee Roasters.

Most days David can be found at The Granary whistling in front of the roaster. Dedicated to sourcing and roasting the finest speciality coffee he can get his hands on he works tirelessly analysing, researching and profiling every coffee that comes through Rounton Coffee Roasters door. David joined Rounton Coffee Roasters in its infancy leaving a job in education to make it his mission to promote ethical and sustainable trading in the coffee producing world. His mantra is ‘’only positive vibes allowed’’ and is ‘that guy’ that is always a little too chirpy on a morning; but we wouldn’t change that…

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