Northumberland, UK

Northside Coffee Co.

Northside Coffee Co. is a small team of family, friends and coffee lovers and all have varied experiences in the coffee industry. Northside Coffee Co. is based in Northumberland and offers speciality grade coffee from all the major coffee-growing regions around the world. They carefully source our coffees grown by certified producers. This is important for a whole range of reasons from environmental protection, socio-economic impacts, sustainability and of course product quality.


How did Northside Coffee get started?

Their coffee is hand-roasted and carefully overseen by a human from start to finish. They have used roasting profile software but believe to fully bring out the unique characteristics of each region where the coffee is grown more effort and time is needed. Greens beans are carefully selected, removing any defects if spotted before going into the roaster. Every 30 seconds during the roast the rate of rise is monitored then the heat adjusted if needed. The colour and aroma of the beans are checked manually every 3 minutes by taking a small sample of beans out. Whilst the beans are in the cooler there are further checks (same human!) for any defect beans which can then be removed. This process leads to a far superior quality roast and true artisan batch!

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