Bristol, UK

Boona Boona Coffee Roasters

Like most good start-ups, Boona Boona began life in the garden shed. It wasn’t called Boona Boona then of course, it was just a man shivering in a shed figuring out how to use the small 500 gram Huky coffee roaster he’d just imported from Taiwan. 


How did Boona Boona Coffee Roasters get started?

Things got off to a questionable start with many burned beans. Then there was a breakthrough when a batch was described by family and friends as ‘drinkable’.  Soon, ‘drinkable’ changed to ‘that’s rather nice’ and then eventually to ‘have you got any more of that coffee?’  

We began taking part in community events in our local area of Totterdown in Bristol, where we sold some bags of beans and a few cups of coffee. From there, a growing number of friends and neighbours started putting in orders for more coffee, then a few more, and…well…Boona Boona was born. We’ve come a long way since those freezing nights in the shed and we now roast on a 10-kilogram roaster in a proper building with solid walls and a roof.  We still love the little Huky that got us started and it now has a new home in the roastery where we use it to do test roasts of new coffees. 

We’ve now set out with a goal to get as many people as possible enjoying great coffee. There is so much about coffee to celebrate, from the people and cultures of the countries of origin to the huge range of flavours that can be found in those little beans.  There’s so much to explore and there really is something for everyone. 

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