Our Independent Roasters

Meet our friends from around the UK.


North Shields, UK

Tynemouth Coffee Co.

North Shields, UK

Northside Coffee Co.

Morpeth, UK

Lincoln Coffee House

Reading, UK

Loud Mouth Coffee

Somerset, UK

Chimney Fire Coffee

Dorking, UK

Fika Coffee

Durham, UK

Symposium Coffee

Norwich, UK

Rounton Coffee

North Yorkshire, UK

Monkeyboard Coffee

Liverpool, UK

Boona Boona Coffee

Bristol, UK

Amar Cafe

London, UK

Carringtons Coffee Co.

Warrington, UK


Glasgow, Scotland

Boost Coffee Co.

Drybrook, UK

How do BeanProfile choose their roasters?

At BeanProfile, we work with some of the best roasters in the North East of England and in the UK. Not only do they have a cracking roast, they are dedicated to the farmers that grow their coffee, ensuring that they’re ethically and responsibly sourced.  When it comes to our roasters, their quality as well as their passion for the trade is reflected in their coffees.

What's the best way to choose a roaster?

There are a few ways to find the best roaster for you.  You could find out if they are attending any local markets to lot-tasting.  Some of our roasters have a varied range of coffee ranging from light to dark, others like to stick to the lighter roast. There could be a roaster that has a great back story which you align with, the possibilities are truly endless. 

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