Our Story

At BeanProfile, we're passionate coffee lovers, just like you!

Our story begins in the first Lockdown of 2020 which affected us all in different ways. As a result, BeanProfile was born. BeanProfile was founded in 2020 with the main aim of connecting coffee lovers, like ourselves with local, independent coffee roasters around the UK.

The term speciality coffee should no longer be reserved for coffee experts but enjoyed by coffee lovers alike. We believe that great coffee should be accessible to anyone and everyone who has a passion for a fantastic cup of coffee.

Liam #1, the founder of BeanProfile has worked in the IT sector for 15 years and has a huge fondness for speciality coffee and supporting local businesses. He has developed a platform that helps passionate, coffee explorers discover their perfect coffee and connect them to like-minded enthusiasts.

Liam #2, the co-founder of BeanProfile is our marketing brains behind scenes. He has worked in the marketing sector for 9 years and helps guide BeanProfile’s online presence and helps reach coffee lovers from all around the globe.

Currently, we’re partnering with over 10 local, independent coffee roasters and over 70 speciality coffees available as a part of our offering. If you like to be a featured roaster, get in touch at [email protected] for more information.

The BeanProfile Ethos

The Best independent RoastersWe have some of the best independent roasters in the North East of England and in the UK who are dedicated to their passion.  Their passion for the craft reflects in their roasts.
Ethically SourcedNot only do our roasters have a spectacular roast, but they are also dedicated to the farmers who grow their coffee, ensuring that they are ethically and responsibly sourced.
AdventurousWe’ve been up and down the UK reaching out and building relationships with passionate roasters.  We’ve sampled some of the best roasts from all over the globe.
NotableOur main goal is to discover the best local independent roasters in the UK and bring them together. We want to distil our passion and love for coffee onto you.

Our Roasters

We have some of the best independent roasters around the UK and we are glad to call them our friends.

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