Monthly Featured Coffee

Each month, we’re going to be showcasing a single origin and a blend that the team at BeanProfile are enjoying. You’ll be able to find those on our home page as well as our Instagram page. Each month, we’re sampling more and more coffee so that we’re able to share with you our favourites. Below, you’ll find each month’s bangers that we’ve been enjoying.

March's Features

Celebrate the country and people that produce the coffee that we enjoy, say hello to carnival espresso. This month, our featured blend comes from one of our new speciality roasters, Boona Boona. Our suggested espresso recipe for this coffee is 18g coffee in, 36g espresso out (2:1 ratio) in 26-30 seconds.

March’s feature takes us to Colombia. This little cracker from Northside Coffee Co. is one of our favourites. With notes of panela, soft chocolate, light fruits and some nuts. It’s clean, balanced and a great all-round drinker.

Single Origin

Cafe Granja La Esperanza

February's Features

Want to try something a little fruity and out there? Look no further! India Korg is a fruit bomb from the guys at Lincoln Coffee house. Naturally processed coffees are known for their berry flavours and Korg demonstrates that. Tasing notes of raspberry, apricot with a syrupy mouth-feel.

The blend we’ve been brewing is the Ranmore Signature espresso roasted by Chimney Fire Coffee. To get the best out of these beans, we’re using 19g in and 36g out in 24-25 seconds. This really brings out those chocolate and nutty flavours. This works very well with milky drinks like flat whites and lattes too.

Single Origin

single origin feature

January's Features

The Woman’s Washed Sidamo is a delight from East Africa! One of the best single origins we’ve tried, not only this year but in general. The guys over at Symposium Coffee Roasters have nailed this one with its bright notes of lemon zest, lime, caramel and apricot. We recommend an espresso using a 1:2 / 1:2.5 ratio to yield in 30 seconds for the best results.

Two Stories by Rounton Coffee Roasters is the first blend we’ve tried this year. We were drawn towards the fruitiness which is down to the Rocko Mountain and Kalingwe beans. With an AeroPress, you certainly get the notes of pomegranate and orange zest. You can find our AeroPress recipe here.

Single Origin

featured single origin

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